Thursday, 31 October 2013

Serve all souls unconditionally - my possum story

Today, I would like to share one of my recent heart touching experiences with a beloved baby possum. In Sydney, Australia, we have quite a few possums that live in the trees and are very comfortable with human. Last weekend, on my way to the Global Divine Healing Hands event in Sydney, I detoured to my workplace to collect something. As I was walking back to my car the Divine guided me to walk down a different way and as I passed the drive way something urged me to look down. 

Immediately, I saw a little possum lying on the driveway. Since the baby possum hadn't been there 15 minutes ago, i assumed he had been run over by a car very recently and had transitioned. My heart couldn't bear to leave his body lying there, so i approached to lift him up with a towel and realized he was still breathing. The baby possum was alive but was suffering immensely after his accident. It makes me cry when i think of all the suffering we - human beings, are causing to beautiful, vulnerable animals. 

My soul knew he would transition soon because of his injuries but I wanted to relieve his suffering. Gathering him up in a towel i began sending him my deepest love to comfort him. As i held him in a space of love I called Master Sha, Heaven and Ar Mi To Fou to assist this beloved soul's transition. I chanted for him to continue to fill him with light and love. 

It suddenly came to me to connect with my Fa Qi that has a special ability for healing animals. I knew that this blessing would not heal this possum but I got that he could have a very smooth and peaceful transition. I asked my Fa Qi to offer him an appropriate blessing to help him transition and for whatever he needed at this time. The Fa Qi blessing brought so much peace, amazing stillness and beautiful light to release this little soul from his suffering. The amazing thing was that when I first held him his eyes were very cloudy and glazed like he wasn't present. As the blessing began I could see his eyes become alert, it was like his soul was acknowledging what Heaven was offering him. He was truly grateful. After around 5 mins, he made a little sound and I knew he had gone. 

A great peace transcended over him and he stopped breathing. He had transitioned in the most peaceful and loving way possible along with Heavens assistance. As I laid him to rest in a beautiful green space, I felt he was so grateful and so happy because this profound blessing had truly helped him to progress on his soul journey. All animal souls want to progress on their soul journey, they continue to serve to move closer to Heaven. This beloved soul was truly blessed on this day. 

I can never thank Master Sha enough and I can never thank Heaven enough for allowing me to help relieve the suffering of this little soul. As we serve every soul, to help relieve their suffering, we are helping all souls. We are all one. 

Every soul needs to progress on their soul journey, we are all moving together as one. I love you all, I honour you all and I appreciate you all. Thank you beloved Master Sha, thank you Heaven for giving me this opportunity to serve all souls unconditionally. I can never thank you enough.

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  1. Dear Master Robyn,

    reading your post I was crying, crying. As I drive during work everyday I see so, so many animals dead at the roadsides. Sometimes I even see other drivers not stopping when an animal comes near. My heart and soul is always so filled with deep compassion and sadness. I am so grateful that I received the teaching to chant for transitioned souls. It always fills me with deep peace and love.

    Thank you so much Master Robyn for this beautiful sharing, for your greatest service! Especially the animal souls ( and of course their owners, like me ) are extremly blessed by your service!