Friday, 17 January 2014

Honored to Serve You With My Tao Song!

The last week has been one of the most deeply transforming weeks of my life. As our training with Master Sha progresses, my heart opens further and further and my soul feel the deepest light and expands. It is one of my greatest blessings to be here in Master Sha's presence, being in his SOURCE FIELD feeling heaven's unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and light flowing through me humbles me.

I am so truly honored and feel the greatest privilege to serve you with my Tao Song. Please view the video to receive the blessing and if you are inspired and heart-touched, you can take the opportunity to connect with Master Sha and many of his disciples and Divine Channels daily. 

Master Sha and his disciples are serving all souls everyday by offering Divine, Tao, The Source blessings for healing, rejuvenation and transformation. Take this opportunity to be with us and allow us to serve your physical and soul journeys.

You can connect on livestream with us on:

I look forward to continue to serve you and your beloved pets, don't forget to keep them with you while watching the video above. Please leave your valuable feedback of the blessing and your transformation.

Love Master Robyn

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hello From Orillia & Update On May's Behavioral Changes After Karma Cleansing

I am delighted to connect with everyone from Orillia, Canada. It is absolutely beautiful here, the pure white snow covers everything. The stillness and the purity in the air makes it a perfect place for the high level spiritual training we are receiving with Master Sha at this time. 

As many of you may remember last November my dog May was able to receive personal karma cleansing from Master Sha when I was at the Tao Retreat. I still remember how excited I was and knew in my soul that May was very excited, grateful and deeply honored as well. As promised here is an update of how life has transformed for my beautiful little May. It is amazing when the blockages of karma are cleared, how loving, gentle, compassionate and truly open a soul can be. May has received tremendous benefits from this karma cleansing, she is a totally new dog these days. 

Soon I will post the promised video on opening our spiritual channels to connect with all souls including the souls of our furry friends. For now I send you my deepest love from Orillia! 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Conversations with May: Soul Communication from May on the Power and Significance of Soul Conferencing and Blessings!

I am excited to share May's soul communication with you today, she will share the power and significance of Soul Conferencing, Soul Communication and Blessings (that were taught in my last blog) and how it helps her. 

May has been with me for over 8 years now and as I have grown on my soul journey, she has too. I have always talked to May from the beginning but learning soul communication has opened up the doors to a true 2 way communication between us. May always surprises me with her wonderful sense of humor and wisdom. 

So as promised in my last blog here is a video of May's Soul Communication!

I love you all and send you my deepest love and May send you her deepest love too. In my next few blogs we will learn how to open our spiritual channels to do soul communication with all souls.
See you next time!

love Master Robyn 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Keep Your Pets Happy Healthy and Content When You Leave On Holidays

Today, I am sharing a very powerful and important secret of how to keep your beloved pets and animal friends happy, healthy, content and comfortable when you are leaving them to go for a holiday. I have been doing this for many years with my dog May and have noticed a considerable difference in her since I began using these simple but effective techniques - soul communication, soul conferencing and blessings. 

May has become calmer and contented since my soul conferences with her and no longer seems upset or sad when I am leaving to go out of the country. Also the ladies who take care of her at the Small Paws Pet Motel have mentioned how she is happier, relaxed and her stays have become more peaceful there.

I was guided by heaven to share these with you as many of you may be leaving your beloved pets for a few weeks soon as well. Watch my video and practice with me, at the end of the video I have offered a my Tao Song to serve you and your furry friend. My next video blog will be a soul communication from May to help you understand how she has benefited ever since we began doing these practices.

Try these easy to do yet extremely effective practices and do let me know how these have benefitted you and your beloved pets! See you next time.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Blessing

Dear Beloved Ones and all our furry friends from all over the world. I love, honor and appreciate you all. Please experience the blessings from heaven, to bless your own soul heart mind and body and to receive blessings for you pets at this very special time of welcoming in the new year on Live Stream.

I am here to serve you in every way that I can. My beloved dog May is also here to serve you and all your beloved pets. I send my greatest love and best wishes to you for a very Happy New Year. May it bring you the greatest love, peace and harmony.

I look forward to serving you and your pets more in 2014.

If your heart was touched with the message from the Divine and the blessings please do leave us your valuable feedback of the Live Stream experience.

Love Master Robyn