Monday, 20 June 2016

Join our journey of natural healing and rejuvenation retreat June 23-26

Dear beloved Ones and your pets,
May and I send our greatest love to you....
We are so excited about our upcoming 4 day Tao retreat that begins in just a few days in Sydney and via webcast...
We invite you with all of our hearts to be with us....
I have a deep love of the Tao teachings, wisdom and practices and I am eternally grateful to Master Sha for the many secrets and sacred wisdom and practices he shares so generously with all souls...
We are truly blessed to have Master Peter, master Allan. Master Henderson and Master Nina join us to offer powerful teachings, wisdom and to offer us blessings to accelerate our transformation process...
Everyone is welcome
No previous experience is needed
Join us with an open soul and heart to benefit every aspect of your life...
We are honoured to serve you and your pets..
Our greatest love
Master Robyn and May.


Friday, 3 June 2016

Learn how to receive messages from your beloved pets June 5

Dear beloved Ones and your pets,

Our greatest love and blessings to you.

May and I are very excited about our first ever Animal Communication Workshop- Soul Communication with your Pets on June 5.
This will be a very sacred time for us to connect more deeply with our beloved pets but also we will be doing many communications with our beloved animal friends.

You will learn powerful wisdom and practices to open your spiritual channels.
Everyone has the ability to connect with the animals. By opening our soul communication we can hear what our animals need at this time and how we can make them healthier and happier.
Have you ever wondered what your pet needed? Once you open to receive the messages you will be able to help to pet on a deeper level.
We have so much to learn from the animals. They assist us to connect with our hearts and souls and to live in the present moment.
Many animals are suffering at this time on Mother Earth. During the Animal Communication-Soul Communication with your pets Workshop you will also learn how to serve the animals in a powerful way to bring the greatest love, care and compassion to them at this time of great need.

It is such a great honour to connect with our beloved animal friends.

Join our workshop on Sunday June 5 at 10am-4pm AEST and rceive a powerful calligraphy blessing to deepen your heart to heart soul to soul connect with your pet.
This will be a sacred and heart touching time.

Register today in person and via webcast

Our greatest love
Master Robyn and May