Wednesday, 25 June 2014

I invite you to meet Master Sha in Australia very soon.....

Dear beloved friends,
May and I are so excited that Dr and Master Sha will be on our shores very soon.
His first event is a Complimentary Soul Healing Miracles Evening is in Sydney on July 3rd.
Take this opportunity to meet Dr and Master Sha, a World renowned healer, Soul leader and the most loving and compassionate Universal servant who serves all soul's  unconditionally.
Master Sha is sharing soul secrets, wisdom and knowledge and practical techniques to transform you and your beloved pet's lives.
Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to be with an incredible Master and miracle healer.
Any moment in the presence of Master Sha is such a huge gift.
It is my greatest honour to invite you, your family and your loved ones to experience your own Soul Healing miracle during Master Sha's events in Australia.
Enjoy this video and receive a blessing to assist you to join Master Sha's events in Sydney and in Melbourne.
Come and join us.
Celebrate this very special time with Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha.
Our greatest love
Master Robyn and May

Monday, 2 June 2014

You have the power to create soul healing miracles in you and your pet's lives!

Dear Friends,
Experience the power of the Source Ling Guang (soul Light) calligraphies to heal you and your pet's.
These powerful Calligraphies are blessed with Source frequency and vibration, they have countless saints, Heaven's saints animals and Heaven's treasures that will bless you and your pet's requests. Many have experienced soul healing miracles when using the Source Ling Guang Calligraphies.
These are such profound treasures that you can use to bless every aspect of you and your pet's life.
May and I have experienced many profound blessings and deep transformation when chanting with the Source Ling Guang Calligraphies in the Soul Healing Miracles book.
These are such a gift for our beloved pet's and humanity.
Receive a special blessing from the Source Ling Guang Calligraphy card with a very powerful Kai guang to heal, rejuvenate and transform your request.
Join May and I to experience the profound healing power from the Source. Learn a simple yet powerful practice you can apply right away.
We are truly blessed to have these treasures to bless every aspect of our lives.
Thank you beloved Master Sha, thank you Heaven!
Our greatest love
Master Robyn and May