Sunday, 22 November 2015

This is Bailey the cat's healing story....

Dear Ones and your beloved pets,
I would like to share with you a beautiful story about Bailey the Cat's healing miracle.
It is my greatest honour to serve you and your pets
Our greatest love
Master Robyn and May

This is Baileys story.......
Bailey was bleeding from the mouth. The vet could not find where the blood was coming from.
The vet thought he had a cut in his tongue,  Bailey also had a cold, his skin had erupted into nodules around his neck and he was over grooming himself. He was given an antibiotic needle and a soft cape to wear to deter him from grooming and we took him home.
He started to bleed again a few hours later. I contacted Master Christine  and told her what was happening. Christine then contacted Master Robyn for me.
Bailey received a Tao Miracle Healer Calligraphy blessing from Master Robyn and the bleeding stopped within an hour. He seemed to want his own company there was no sign of blood so we let him be....
He started to groom himself that morning and the blood  started again, his blood was clotting quicker than yesterday.
We took him back to the vets surgery and we saw another vet on duty that afternoon that checked him over and found an ulcer in the roof of his mouth. There is an artery that runs above the roof of the mouth , thr ulcer had eaten into it. The blood had clotted and damned up the leak so it looked like a pink spot.
The vet picked the blood clot out and the blood flowed again. The vet quickly took a blood sample then sent us to the emergency  clinic.
Baileys blood count was below 10 he looked lifeless.  As soon as they could arrange a donour
he was given a blood transfusion
It was not  a great success because it was at short notice. The vet asked us if anything should happen during the night did we want them to revive him. W e said yes as he was still hanging in there. The next day Bailey had a second blood transfusion. He responded much better this time. It was the surgery may not be necessary. The vet was leaving to go home when she decided to check on him first. The blood was spurting out of his mouth and covered her all over. He had emergency surgery to sew the artery and the ulcer in the roof of his mouth. 
After the surgery Baileys blood count went up to 14 which were promising. The next blood count went down to 13 he was not eating was having a little water. 
We were advised to take him home to see if he would eat.  Master Robyn sent blessings to Bailey on a daily basis.  We are so very grateful to you Master Robyn for being in constant contact with us in all stages of Baileys healing journey.   When Bailey came home he ate he ate everything he could and his blood count climbed to 20. The vet was very happy with his progress but needed his blood count to go higher.
Bailey was receiving Divine Healing Hand blessings  Tao Calligraphy Healing blessings  He was put on the Chanting Channel with 30 trillion saints chanting for him.     Two weeks later his ulcer had healed and the stitches had disappeared. The roof of his mouth looked as though nothing had happened to him. Baileys blood count was normal  his skin had cleared up and his fur was silky he was a different cat he looked younger than his 13 years had more energy and very mischievous he would race our other cat Mr You You up and down the stairs over the beds across the kitchen benches. There was so much light in him now than before he is a Master Sha cat who loves to be on the webcast he has his own books treasures and calligraphies. 
We are so grateful to The Divine, Tao, Master Sha, Master Robyn and everyone that was connected to his healing.
We love you all from the bottom of our hearts there are no words to express how we feel for this amazing healing service we received from you all. 
Love you Love you Love you  Thank you Thank you Thank you 
Lyn and Big L

Experience the power of the Ocean for healing you and your pets today

Dear beloved Ones and your pets,
Nature has the amazing power to bless us and our pets.
Today , learn a practice using the 4 power techniques to invoke and connect with the light and soul power of the Ocean to bless you and your pets lungs and metal element and transform sadness.....
You will also receive powerful group Divine Healing Hands blessings for you and your pets requests/
Join us for this sacred session.
May and I send our greatest love to you and your pets today
Lets us heal, rejuvenate and transform together as we walk on our journey to Oneness


Monday, 9 November 2015

Experience Oneness wisdom and Love Peace and Harmony to pass your spiritual testing today

Dear beloved Ones and your pets,
Join May and I today to bring the greatest Love Peace and Harmony to our spiritual testing today.
May shares powerful Oneness wisdom to assist us to transform, heal and learn our lesson's as quickly and lovingly as possible.
Let us join as One to progress on our souls journey
Let us bring Love Peace and Harmony today
We are One
In the greatest love
Master Robyn and May


Monday, 2 November 2015

Learn how to follow the Tao of Relationships and transform complaining..

Dear beloved Ones and your pets,
May and I send you our greatest love today
Join us today to follow the Tao of relationships and transform complaining...
Receive powerful blessings and Divine forgiveness treasures to accelerate the transformation of your relationships to Love Peace and Harmony.
In the greatest love and light
Master Robyn and May