May & I

Dear readers, I am excited to share my journey with May!

About 8 years ago, a friend and I were sharing a home with her two beautiful dogs April and Paris. We (April, Paris and I) spent a lot of time together – and developed a close bond. When my friend moved back to the country, of course she took her dogs along. By then I was used to being with fun, unconditionally loving souls and I missed my furry companions so I decided to adopt a dog from a local animal rescue shelter. Animal shelters save dogs each year by taking them from the pound and find them loving homes. Many of these dogs have suffered very harsh treatment including physical abuse, neglect and some are dumped when the owners cannot not afford to keep them. Every dog has his/her own story and healing journey

How I met May:

My search began on the Internet scanning photos of dogs needing a home. After looking through several sites I saw May and knew she was the one. We connected immediately during my visit to the animal shelter and I brought May home. It was on this day that May decided that I was hers to take care of and she pledged her life for me. On our first walk she was quite aggressive to anyone that came close to me.  Until this day, beloved May is very protective of me. This is a common behavior with rescue dogs. When they finally find someone who loves them, they do not want anything to come between their Master and them. Many rescue dogs have behavioral issues and need deep healing and love to recover. Often it takes a very long time to regain their confidence and trust because of their difficult past experiences. May has taught me a lot. She has taught me patience, acceptance and unconditional love, very important qualities to develop on our spiritual journeys. May’s unconditional devotion has made me a better human being.

May’s life saving Soul Healing Miracle:

About 3 years ago, Master Sha saved May’s life and I am eternally grateful for this precious blessing. May has a number of physical issues due to the severe treatment she experienced before she was rescued; an occasional seizure was one of them. One evening May suddenly dropped to the floor and went into a traumatic seizure. It had never come on with this intensity before, however she recovered very quickly. Throughout that evening and next day the seizures became constant and regular, so I rushed May to the vet. Whilst we were at the vet she was given 2 injections to help her relax. Unfortunately instead of bringing her out of the seizure; the medication put her in a non-stop state of seizure. Not knowing what to do the vet asked me to go to a dog’s specialist.

May slept with The Power of Soul signed by Master Marilyn 
Having to drive May to the specialist when she was in a constant seizure was one of the most heart wrenching experiences of my life. Even at the specialist’s clinic May continued to suffer for 2 hours as the seizure continued. Not being able to stand her pain any longer, I demanded that they sedate her so she could rest. Her small body could not continue to handle this chronic stress They put May on a drip with a heavy sedative, this was the only solution at this time. I received a very strong message to contact Master Marilyn, and request a spiritual reading for May. May’s karma that had brought on this condition and she needed Master Sha to offer her blessings. After the soul reading I emailed Master Cynthia to request Master Sha for an emergency blessing.

The Divine Guidance was to remove May from the vet’s clinic immediately, but they wouldn’t let me take her home because she was heavily sedated and on the drip. That night I sent May many blessings and chanted continuously for many hours requesting Heaven to bless her. All through the night I spoke to May’s soul telling her I would bring her home in the morning.

The next day I was there as soon as they opened, even as they handed over her limp body into my arms, they told me that they would leave the canula (a thin tube inserted into a vein to administer a drip) in her paw. They left it in because they said I would be back tomorrow to have her put down as that was the easiest way out for her.

May's Journey to Revitalisation 

May when she was unable to hold her neck up
Even though May’s body was totally limp and her eyes were lifeless my faith in Master Sha’s blessings and teachings was firm, I knew we could bring my little dog back to her vibrant, spirit filled self. Later that day Master Sha offered May a huge life saving blessing. I was outside with May when I saw the light and felt the blessing taking place. It took May another 24 hours before she actually became fully conscious and her eyes returned to normal. Her spirit had returned and she was determined to live.

May with her special neck brace 
From then onwards, I took May everywhere with me in a sling as she could not stand or sit unsupported. The only time she was not in the sling was when I was at work and there I would prop her up on soft pillows. It came to my awareness that due to the stress from the constant seizures May had suffered a stroke. So I had a special neck brace created to support her neck and head and to keep her hydrated I used to syringe water in the side of her mouth because she could not use her tongue.

Everyday for 4-5 hours May lay in my lap and we turned on all of her treasures and chanted together. At the end of four weeks May was beginning to get stronger but still unable to drink by herself. Every day as I syringed water into her mouth, I prayed to Heaven to help May drink on her own.

Shortly we were blessed to have Master Marilyn arrive in Sydney to offer a workshop on Divine Soul Songs. I left May for the first time on her own to attend the workshop for a few hours. As I was driving to the workshop, May's soul kept calling me back and telling me that she needed me. I turned the car around and went home. Master Marilyn asked me to bring May along to receive the Divine frequency and vibration. I was very happy as I really wanted to be in Master Marilyn's presence, she is a very powerful healer and teacher.

Throughout our workshop May lay on the floor resting and absorbing light from heaven and love from all the students. Master Marilyn then taught us the practice of Fan Lao Huan Tong- return from old age to the purity and health of a baby. Master Marilyn then lead us in a 20 min practice to heal and rejuvenate by chanting Fan Lao Huang Tong. It was an amazingly powerful practice filled with the brightest light, blessings and the presence of the Divine and many holy beings When the practice was over Master Marilyn said "Hao, Hao, Hao! Thank You , Thank You, Thank you!" and May got up, walked over to my cup of and began to drink out of the cup. I could not believe this miracle May had not been able to use her tongue to drink for over a month.

Miracles do happen.

Heaven blessed May and Master Sha's wisdom taught by Master Marilyn had created this miracle. I am
forever grateful to Master Marilyn for her blessings and love to my beloved dog May.Thank you Master Marilyn, Love you Master Marilyn. This was the true turning point for May. Shortly after that Master Sha offered May another blessing, this really accelerated the healing process. Master Sha removed the soul mind body blockages of May's condition. It is the karma, or spiritual blockages that nearly took May's life. Due to Master Sha's authority in Heaven he was able to give the order to clear May's karma. Many people had suggested that I put May down as she would never get better, but my faith in Master Sha’s healing never wavered. I had witnessed many miracle healings by Master Sha before and my soul knew that his healing and teaching is the only way to transform everything. From this day on, May went from strength to strength. Today, there is no evidence of a stroke, she has never had another seizure and she runs faster than ever. This is May’s soul healing miracle!

Every day I am deeply grateful that May is still with me. I am deeply grateful to Master Sha and Master Marilyn for their service to humanity, their unconditional love and support. May is truly blessed, I am truly blessed. We are all truly blessed. May continues to become a more special soul every day. She chants with me, she listens to Master Sha’s teachings, watches him on webcasts and has received many more divine treasures and soul enlightenments.

May and I have a very special bond, she brings much joy, love and happiness to my life. We are so blessed to have our furry friends. I look forward to sharing with you all the practices I use to bless May to keep her young, vibrant, happy and healthy. It is my honor to share Master Sha's powerful teachings to heal, rejuvenate and prevent illness our pets.

We have the soul power to heal our pets. It is my souls greatest desire to serve you and your pets. I love you all. I thank you all.


  1. Wow Master Robyn this is a beautiful testimonial about you and May and her amazing healing recovery. I look forward to many more inspiring stories about animals. Love & Blessings, Sarah

  2. Dearest Master Robyn, Dearest May, I love you and honor you both deeply. I am deeply touched by your Healing Story from beloved May....Hearttouching....So very grateful for the Blessings and Healing for May.....may she stay healthy and well and spend many more years with you. Thank you for sharing. I love you , Christine and Rosi
    My beloved Dog Rosi is nearly blind and this is her Karma, even after a few Karma cleansing she is still in that condition, must be heavier Karma issues....but the rest she is healthy and a happy Dog, i am very grateful to live with her, she is my Sunshine....Greetings to you both from Rosi

  3. I could hear this over and over again Master Robyn and each time it will still touch my heart at so many levels and bring deeper wisdom and teachings to me each time also. I can witness this miracle as sitting next to Master Robyn i was blessed with witnessing it all with many others. May is incredible and even in her very "protective" role she is filled with love and shares much wisdom with all. Master Robyn is an incredible animal healer and communicator and filled with love and compassion <3