Saturday, 10 January 2015

Chant New Special Mantra To Heal All Life

Dear Friends and your beloved pets,

May and I send our greatest love to you today. I am very blessed to be with beloved Master Sha in Orilia, Canada learning further Tao wisdom and knowledge so I can serve you and your pets better.
It has been a very amazing time so far......

Today I invite you to enjoy my radio show and receive blessings for you and your pets for the New Year, This is a special session that shares a powerful mantra you can chant to heal every aspect of you and your pets lives.

This comes from Master Sha's and Dr Rulin Xiu's new book Soul Mind Body Science. I recommend you receive your copy as soon as possible. You will love it.

This book has amazing wisdom and practical techniques you can apply right away to bless you and your beloved pets.

Enjoy this session today.
Our greatest love

Master Robyn and May

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