Friday, 25 July 2014

An amazing opportunity to become a Divine Healing Hands Soul healer.....

Dear beloved friends and your pets,
Our greatest love to you all!
This is such an exciting time on Mother Earth. Amazing opportunities are being offered to the chosen ones to allow us to serve others in a much more powerful way.
Would you like to help relieve the suffering on Mother earth at this time?
Does your heart desire to help your pets, friends, family, loved ones and more.......
Divine Healing Hands treasures are profoundly powerful healing treasures that bring the Divine frequency and vibration to transform the blockages in your life and the lives of others. Divine Healing Hands can offer blessings for you and your pets, family, friends and loved ones to heal the physical, mental, emotional and physical bodies, to bless your relationships, finances, intelligence, success and more....
Experience the power of a Divine Healing Hands blessing when watching this video.

One of my greatest desires in my life was to become a more powerful healer to serve as many souls as I possibly could. Receiving Divine Healing Hands was like a dream come true for me as it has given me the opportunity to serve others and beloved animals in any moment of my day. Heaven is most generous....whenever we offer a Divine Healing Hands blessing, the Divine is behind us...
This is why Divine Healing Hands are so powerful. If you want to know if Divine Healing Hands blessings are powerful, experience them!
If your soul is hearing the calling to serve in a higher capacity find out more at
Join our Divine Healing Hands Workshop in Sydney this weekend m July 26-27
Call Deb to register 0416221939
Visit facebook/PowerOfSoulInstituteAustralia
May and I wish you and your pets the greatest love, forgiveness, compassion and light
We can never thank Heaven enough for this amazing opportunity to become better servants at this time.
We look forward to serving you more....
Our greatest love
Master Robyn and May

Friday, 11 July 2014

Experience Master Sha's latest Tao teachings in Melbourne and via webcast.

Dear Ones and beloved pet's,
This has been such an amazing time with beloved Master Sha in Australia!
You have the opportunity to join Master Sha to receive the latest Tao wisdom, teachings and powerful blessings via webcast and teleconference. Grab this opportunity to be with Master Sha....every moment in the presence of beloved Master Sha is the greatest gift and blessing for your soul, your beloved pet's soul and your family members soul's.
The wisdom that Master Sha has been sharing in Australia is truly priceless and life transforming. Come and join us, experience the Tao teachings, wisdom, practices and much more.......let us join hearts and souls together to move towards Universal Oneness.....
Register your pets, loved ones and family members right now!
We are truly loved and blessed...
Our deepest love
Master Robyn and May.