Wednesday, 13 November 2013

May receives soul upliftment beyond her comprehension with Soul Enlightenment

Has it always been your greatest desire to be an enlightened soul? Master Sha makes this possible on Mother Earth at this time for you, your loved ones and your beloved pets. After May's enlightenment two days ago she expressed her desire to give this message to all souls,  here is May's experience as she shares her wonderful wisdom and transformation through soul communication 

May loves hearing back from you, so do leave her a line or two. She looks forward to reading your comments.

With Love 
Master Robyn


  1. Dear Master Robyn, dear May,

    thank you for sharing this most beautiful testimonial! I was so touched listening to the message of May`s soul! I will never forget May`s teaching about how to love unconditionally, extremly simple it went straight to my deepest core.
    My own beloved cat was so extremly blessed to receive the soul enlightenment order. I am so extremly grateful that I was able to honor for her. I know that this was the biggest gift I could possibly give her on her soul`s journey. Since she received the order her soul has been sooooo grateful and sooo happy! It is like her soul is dancing in joy constantly around me since Sunday. I am so grateful to the Divine, the Tao, the Source and Master Sha for offering such an immense blessing in this moment in time also for our beloved pets! I cannot thank ever enough!
    Thank you Master Robyn and beloved May for this testimonial and the teaching!

    With deep love from Nina and Mausi!

  2. Thank you May for sharing. It is my deepest wish to join you in receiving Soul Enlightenment. My kitty Squeakers and I are so happy for you. Love you and Master Rice

  3. Dear May, i love you and honor you in my Heart. I am filled with joy listening to your message...happy happy Birthday once more for your Enlightenment!!! I know you serve well and will do even better now...Love you dear May, Christine

    Message for you from Rosi:
    My dear Friend May, so glad to hear from you and i also want to send you my love and gratulations!!! How blessed we are to have been recieving Soul Enlightenment in this lucky we are!
    I know your Soul very well and are happy that you are my dear friend......
    and still would love to play and share my ball with you..thats i love the most about being a dog....
    have a good time in the Tao Retreat....i do have!! big Soulhug, Rosi

  4. Thank u dear May. U r so lucky to receive Soul Enlightenmeh. I wish to enlighten all my pets but because of finance i couldn't do it. I know my pets love Master Sha.. They were enjoying Master Sha's TV Shows on Careworld TV In INdia. The love, care & warmth which a pet can gives can not be comprehend or matched. Yr Unconditional love, forgivenessis we humans have to learn from u all. Love u.