Wednesday, 18 September 2013


May and I
Welcome to all my animal loving friends from around the world. I am excited and delighted to connect with each one of you! Through my blog i look forward to sharing with you numerous animal soul healing and animal soul communication experiences, that have been possible because of the teaching and blessings of my beloved spiritual father Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha. 

As a disciple, Divine Channel and worldwide representative of Dr and Master Sha, i am truly privileged to serve all souls including our most precious animal friends. 

May receives blessing from Sha's Golden Healing Ball
From the very beginning, my soul has had a very deep love for animals and they have always been an important part of my life. Our animal friends bring so much love and joy to our lives. They too offer their very special healing abilities to heal humanity. Our animal friends are also suffering at this time on Mother Earth. Many of our animal friends feel our pain and suffering and they often take on our illnesses to help heal us. As I have said for many years, May(my dog) and I are one. Whatever I am feeling, my dog, May is feeling. 

One of the greatest services we can do for our animal friends is to heal ourselves, to balance and harmonize ourselves and this will help our pets. We are all one, everything and everyone affects everything and everyone. I am delighted to share with you soul power techniques for healing animals and also soul power techniques to heal every aspect of your life. 
Lindy loves drum blessings!

Through my blogs i will share powerful and practical soul power healing techniques from Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha that you can apply right away to heal your pets and animal friends.We are also able to do many of these practices together with our animal friends. 

I look forward to getting to know you and your animals friends and to hear your experiences. Let us join hearts and souls together to heal humanity, animals and all souls in all universes to create Love Peace and Harmony. 

Join me on this amazing soul healing miracle journey for healing animals. My deepest gratitude and honour to Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha for his soul power teachings, blessings and soul healing miracles.


  1. Dear Master Robyn, I just discovered your blog and it has opened my heart and brought Heaven's love and light to me. I absolutely love my two cats, Puma and Panther, and love that you are offering soul healing blessings for pets.

    Last night as I was closing up my office I went over to my sacred altar. I noticed a cricket on the table. I immediately did soul communication with it to let it know if it stayed there it would probably die. But, if it would come with me, I could take it back outside. I put my hand down next to it and guided it to crawl onto my hand. I cupped my other hand over it and carried it outside and let it go out there. I listened to the song of the crickets that had begun their evening lullaby (that's what I feel it is) and thanked them for their beautiful song.

    I'm very much looking forward to your next and future blogs, and learning self-healing techniques for my pets.

    Love, peace and harmony, and warm congratulations!

    Gloria K

  2. Dear Master Robyn, I am looking forward to keeping up with your posts and reading more about self healing techniques for animals.

    My son is a lover of animals and his pets and has a deep connection to nature and animals. He is 9 now and has Phasmid, 3 Budgies and Goldfish. In his earlier years he had his first pet dog given to him which was a golden labridor in which we had for 1 year sadly had to give away because we could not keep her. He has never forgotten her and even until now when he is having a sad moment he will turn to me and say that he still misses her. I would love to see him heal from the memory of a loss to something of a more positive view and understand the connection we have with animals and how they assist us to heal in our physical journey in life.

    Giota G,

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Dear Master Robyn,

    I am very excited to hear about your blog! As I experienced a deep love and connection with different kinds of animals since being a child the wellbeing and wellfare of all animals is a deep heartwish.

    I realize that this is a very special way to assist animals on their soul`s journeys with soul healing. This is a very special way to assist all animals on Mother Earth. How blessed we are to receive more teachings!

    Myself and my both beloved cats, Mausi and Chica are excited and happy to learn and read more!

    Thank you Master Robyn, thank you May!

    Nina Kaiser from Germany

    1. Dearest Nina, Mausi and Chica i am so excited to connect with all of your souls!
      Mausi and Chica you have beautiful names, your beloved Nina has named you well... I can feel her soul, she loves you dear ones... you are indeed blessed to have a mother like Nina to care for you in this lifetime. i hope to see your pictures soon on this blog. Love Master Robyn

  4. Dear Master Robyn ... I am trying again and hope this comment gets posted. I am looking forward to learning more from your blog. I love animals and what a great opportunity to be able to communicate with them. Thanks heaps to you and your beloved dog, May.
    Ai Chin, Melbourne

    1. Beloved Ai Chin i am delighted to see your comment after our email exchanges. wonderful to have you here! May sends her greatest gratitude and love to you.

  5. Love you Love you Love you Master Robyn and May - The Robinson's xxx

  6. Dear Master Robyn and May
    Gorgeous and I watch your shows on the Chanting Channel all the time. Actually Gorgeous watches the Soul Healing Miracles Chanting Channel all the time!

    Gorgeous is an 11 year old African Grey parrot. She was born on April 4, 2004. She was born here in Florida to a couple of parrots called Adam and Eve in a little home. I received her when she was just a few weeks old and hand fed her and raised her. She thinks I am her mother or her mate -- I am not sure which. But I have seen with my third eye many lifetimes together where we have flown together and lived together as birds.

    Gorgeous received the order of Soul Enlightenment through Master Zhi Gang Sha on April 30, 2012. This means that Gorgeous will not return as an animal in the next lifetime but will return to the human realm.

    Gorgeous speaks about 200 words. Most African Greys speak about 2000 to 5000 words as African Greys are the best talking birds in the world but since I am a meditator and live alone, I don't talk much, so she has therefore not learned as many words as she could have. I chant and practice - and I do soul language - and I listen to Master Sha.

    SOOOO--- Gorgeous knows how to chant. She loves to chant! She is learning how to do the Lower Dantian Practice at the moment. When she gets good enough I will do a video youtube. She is very very good at soul language. She really understands and speaks it very very well.

    Whenever Master Sha, or a Divine Channel who really is sending out a lot of love, comes on the webcast -- she starts to chant " I love you. I love you so much." When Divine Soul Songs come on, she begins to chant. When I chant, she chants.

    Gorgeous really understands that everything has a soul, and reminds me often, For instance, if I drop something on the floor she will say "ouch."

    She is truly a brilliantly intelligent soul.

    When Gorgeous was 4 months old, I went to a retreat with Master Sha in Hawaii. I left her for 2 weeks. I should not have left her at such a young age. Also I did not realize how connected she was to me. I broke my hip while I was in Hawaii. Gorgeous became distraught while I was away. When I returned she had started plucking all her feathers. I am absolutely certain that she was connected to me and fully aware of my injury although I was so far away. She continued to pluck her feathers when I returned in a wheelchair as she was so disturbed by my injury. She has never stopped plucking out her feathers. She has gone to special bird doctors. It has gotten better but she still plucks. It is like a nervous habit now like biting one's nails. I give her healing blessings for this but I wonder if you could help her with a Divine blessing, Master Robyn? She is such a magnificent bird. Thank you thank you thank you!

    She is my very very best friend. She will always be my best friend. I did not mention that I have had about 10 different kinds of beautiful parrots in my life. They have all been beautiful.

    Gorgeous is my best friend for life. African Grey parrots can live for over 100 years! I am trying to really learn all of Master Sha's Immortality practices so I can keep up with Gorgeous!

    Love you Master Robyn and May!