Soul Reading & Life Guidance

Uma and May
Soul Readings are a form of Soul Communication. They come directly from the Soul World through the spiritual channels without interference from the mind. Soul wisdom, messages and information are accessed in order to assist you in your life and soul journey.

As a certified Divine Direct Soul Communicator, I am able to receive messages and guidance from the soul world as well as communicate with the souls of animals and let their true voice emerge. You may have many questions, challenges or blockages with your pets. These may be in health, relationships or any aspect of your pets life and soul journey.

For example, you may be:
  • Wondering why does your pets seem sad, unhappy, depressed, anxious?
  • Seeking a past life karma reading in order to be able to heal and transform one or more areas of your pets life ?
  • Wondering if your pet is struggling in relationships with other animals and searching for a way to bring healing and transformation? 
  • Looking to directly connect with your pet's soul or your spiritual guides?
Whatever your question or challenge may be, soul readings give soul wisdom, knowledge and practices to guide you and your pets in your life journey.

Each soul reading is unique and personalized for the soul. The soul messages that are given are most appropriate for your pet's soul at that time to help you on your healing and soul journey. There may be information accessed and provided from the Akashic Records (the place in Heaven where your entire soul’s record of services is guarded and kept) about your pet's past or future lives. Spiritual guidance on how to overcome obstacles and challenges is given.

Soul Readings are often experienced with a-ha moments of love, compassion, peace, clarity or inspiration to move forward in achieving your life’s desires.

Scheduling a Soul Reading Session

You can receive a Soul Reading from me over the telephone or Skype from anywhere in the world. The honor fees for Soul Readings vary depending upon the amount of time and specific request (i.e. personal, business, etc.).
Additional honour fees apply for additional healing and Divine Services.

For appointments call Master Robyn Rice 0412652703 +


  1. I have had many sessions with Master Robyn and they are amazing. This blog is something worth being on regularly as it is so powerful..... Reading the posts is a healing folks........ The frequency and light is incredible... <3

    1. I love posting and each time i receive blessings for Divine Patience and flexibility -- WHY -- the codes and secret words that we have to fill in for each one sometimes takes me longer than the post.... he he ..... breathing and staying in Ming Men gavin (smile) ....... and about to go again with this beautiful gift and opportunity (he he)

  2. Dear Master Robyn,

    I was extremly honored to receive a soul reading for my beloved cat Mausi.

    She is with me for almost three years now. I got her from a most beautiful home with three generations living under one roof and "worshipping" their cat - Mausi. Unfortunately they did have to move and weren`t able to take their cat with them. I saved Mausi from a life with eight years in a shelter. As she is also a very shy soul I think she wouldn`t have connected very fast with new caretakers.

    Coming to my family - and to our other cat - had been challgenging for Mausi. With many blessings including DHH blessings to assist her moving process she gradually started to trust more and to feel more at home.

    Since this summer her over all wellbeing wasn`t so good anymore. She lost lots of weight ( although eating well ), was sometimes nervous, sometimes just very sleepy, didn`t always use the toilet and stopped to clean her fur at her hindlegs area. I was very, very concerned and worried. She received many blessings from myself, from other DHH soul healer and also from the beautiful FB soul family. She would be better a few days and then worse again.

    I was soooo relieved and happy to see the opportunity to receive a soul reading from Master Robyn!

    And it truly was an unique experience for me! It was so touching to connect with my beloved cats soul and to receive messages from her, to be able to ask her questions and to receive answers. Master Robyn also assisted me in how to change her diet and with other practical tips. I received guidance on how to practice with her to assist her healing journey. At the end she received powerful blessings. And I could even perceive a change in our relationship - although I actually thought that we had a quite good relationship!
    I am very confident that Mausi is able now to move forwards on her healing journey.
    I cannot tell you how reliefed and happy I am!

    I am eternally grateful to Master Robyn for her service and her assistance.

    I can only strongly recommend you to connect with Master Robyn if you experience any kind of challenges with your animal friends or pets.

    Thank you Master Robyn, with deep love and gratitude from Germany!