Animal Healer & Whisperer

At the local Zoo with Kangaroos
Animals have so much to share with the world, their unconditional love,healing and wisdom and much more. From the beginning, I have always communicated with and understood animals well and this process of communication is very healing and rejuvenating. Animals are natural healers but they too need healing too.

We can actually talk to all the animals because they have a lot to share with us. We can hear what animals are saying when we open our spiritual channels. Animals read our minds and our energy. This is why when you are calm and balanced that animals are drawn to you. You are exhibiting the energy of a leader. Being able to communicate with them and offer healing blessings is a great gift.

This wombat perked up after the healing 
One of the greatest gifts I have received from my beloved spiritual father and teacher Master Sha are open spiritual channels. As I have studied further and further with Master Sha, my channels have opened more and more and I am so grateful that this has allowed me to communicate even for clearly and deeply with all animals.

All animal souls are also on their own spiritual journey to uplift their souls, they too have reincarnated many times and need healing to move on their soul journeys.

 I have received many priceless treasures from Master Sha and the Divine and Tao to enhance my soul communication abilities as well to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and every aspect of life including relationships for all souls. Even animals can have blockages in certain relationships and healing can be offered to transform these blockages. To be able to communicate with them to see how I can help them is such a wonderful blessing that I am eternally grateful for.

Recently I received a special communication channel from the Tao to communicate with all animal souls. This was such a heart touching moment for me on my spiritual journey. As a Divine Channel I am honoured to be able to serve animals in such a powerful way.

I am also excited to share with you Master Sha's wisdom and knowledge about the forgiveness practice, this is one of the most powerful practices that we can do on Mother Earth at this time, you can even teach the soul of your pets to practice with you in order to bless every aspect of their lives.

I will share these powerful practices with you. I will also share with you how you can communicate with your pets and open your spiritual channels further. I will offer many blessings to you and your pets.

Being able to understand animals and to help them in any way has been my greatest desire since I was very young. I often contemplate how blessed humans are to have such beautiful animal friends to share our lives with. Each animal is unique in its own special way and has its own role to play in the natural balance of the World.

As Mother Earth’s transition progresses animals are suffering greatly too. There are many animal species that are on the verge of becoming extinct.
Man has taken away, polluted or damaged many of natural environments and habitats of animals, this has caused great distress for many animals.

Last year I was very blessed to go to Borneo to see the orangutans. So much of the forests in Borneo has been cleared away, taking away the homes of many orangutans.

These beautiful animals are finding it difficult to have enough food and space to survive.

Every second of every day, 1.5 acres of rainforest is being destroyed forever this is around 20 football fields of life supporting forest per minute.

Destroying habitats destroys lives. We must take care of our animals throughout the Mother Earth transition. I will share many practices with you to offer healing blessings to all animal souls. We can truly make a difference to the animals and their environments.

I look forward to serving you and your animals in any way I can and to share many practical techniques that you can apply right away to offer love to your animal friends and the animals of the World. Let us joins hearts and souls together to create love, peace and harmony for humanity, animals, Mother Earth and all souls in all universes. I love you all. I thank you all. As we join together as one we can truly make a difference!


  1. :-) -- I just LOVE this blog :-)

  2. This morning my beloved cat Mausi was extremly honored to receive a Fa Chi blessing from Master Robyn.

    Mausi had stopped to eat since yesterday and I was very, very concerned about her wellbeing. I was sure that I would have to take her to the vet immediately on Monday as she had already previously lost a lot of weight.

    During the blessing I could see many saints coming to her soul with all kinds of different instruments and "working" on her internal organs. The darkness I could perceive within her since yesterday ( it looked like a dark whirlwind to me in the middle of her body ) was released and I could see a very beautiful, blue colored flower instead.

    After the blessing Mausi just ate, and ate, and ate today, she is doing much better!

    I am so extremly grateful for this huge blessing her soul has received!

    It was so wonderful to connect with Master Robyn again and with the Australian soul family!

    I am so grateful and reliefed, thank you Master Sha, thank you the Divine, thank you the Tao, thank you the Source, thank you Master Robyn, love you Master Robyn, really, really love you Master Robyn!
    Much love also to May!