Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Your Pet Could Be Chosen By The Divine For a Powerful Blessing

I am so excited to announce that starting today we will all embark on a very very special journey for all of next month. So, your pet can receive a very special service which is a Divine Soul Mind Body Transplant if they are chosen by Divine Guidance. 

In order to participate in this all you have to do is comment with your pet's name, condition that requires healing and your email / skype id so that we can connect with you if your pet is chosen.  

We will then chant for you all week and would like you to continue providing updates of your pets progress. 

Join May, Mookey and Me on this journey of healing and rejuvenation! 


  1. Hello dearest Master Robyn,

    i am Dog Rosi and i am nearly blind. I have cataract. One eye is operated so i can see a bit in distance, but close i am blind. But i have also another issues...
    My sexual hormons are not in balance and i have often false pregnancy and my breasts are swollen, hot and have cysts. My mumy is more "worried" about getting me cancer in the breasts. I would be so very grateful to recieve Divine Services for my health.

    Thank you dear Master Robyn for your love and services for us , the pets. Give my greetings and love to beloved May. Thank you Love you , Rosi

  2. Dear Master Robyn,

    what a wonderful and most generous service! One animal is sure to be blessed abundantly!

    My beloved cat Mausi would be extremly grateful to receive Divine Services for her kidneys and her Digestive System. Her over all well being is sometimes quite good, but she also experiences "bad days" where she has a lot of diarrea, doesn`t really eat and doesn`t leave the room, just lying and sleeping.

    We both would be extremly grateful for all love, blessings and compassion!

    Thank you so much!

    With deep love and gratitude from Germany!

  3. Dear Divine, Dear Master Robyn, Our beloved ginger and white cat, Jack Jack, for the past year has black spots/wounds on his nose that aren't healing and he keeps trying to clean them off. Our family would be most grateful to have Jack Jack regain full health, TYTYTY LULULU <3 Rose Novak

  4. Aloha Master Robyn..what an extremely generous offer for our beloved pets! Ty Ty Ty!!
    My dog Radar suffers from severe anxiety, over excitability and is unpredictably aggressive towards other animals and people. At times I myself can feel overwhelmed with fear because of it. We would be most grateful for Radar to receive this extraordinary divine service for his condition so that he may serve all souls with love peace and harmony. Thank you Master Sha, the divine, the Tao and the Source and our beloved Master Robyn for your unconditional love and service! Much love, Katie and Radar!

  5. Stupie is my dog she has gone blind and is suffering some form of illness. She is extremly thin and sleeps all the other lulu was ill she got better and stupie got sick. They are both not doing well LuLu is sad all the time now. Thank you

  6. Master Robyn..
    This is Humphrey the Dog of Tamara Cardone writing to you. I am old and lost most of my teeth, i cannot see well at all and always need to be next to Tamara otherwise i despair and get very sad. i cannot breath very well and have different respiratory issues and as every pug i have problems with my skin and i'm loosing a lot of my protective hair & skin. I am very delicate with food and get easily tired or sick. Beeing a little pug i was abandoned and badly treated more than once. I would be honored to be the chosen one. I must have been human in my past life - and must have done things that i regret.
    thank you for choosing me.
    Humphrey Bogart
    The Dog of Tamara Cardone (Daniel Joglar writing :-) )

  7. Dear Master Robyn - I have 2 much loved Cocker Spaniels, they are brother and sister, one black (the sister) and the other golden, they are also yin-yang personalities. Pippy is very happy-go-lucky, nothing much phases her, but her brother is very excitable and gets very jealous and growly at times. I would be very grateful for a karma cleansing for Ramesh for Jealousy TYTYT LYLYL Kate Hamilton

  8. From Manuela Schiffer writes-
    Dear Master Robyn,
    I tried to comment on your blog but it didn't work. work..My dog barney suffer from hip issues. His chronical limping (and probably his pain) becomes worse from month to month. He also suffers from chronical gastritis, often diarrhea and colon bleeding. Mostly very heavy when he comes back after a weekend with my separated husband he loves very much (my husband gives him the same fod like I do). Barney has much sadness inside. And actually he is also suffering from pinkeye. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great service, dear Master Robyn

  9. Dear Master Robyn, Thank you for the gentle reminder. I was to write the other day, and I began reading some of the other posts, and I realised that there were so many other pets on the planets that seemed to be more needing than my beautiful animal companions. That being said, it has represented, so I shall proceed. I have 3 animals at this time, and all I would request is that the Divine could decide which one required most ghealing, or could have the biggest impact on the other two, not receing, if my pet was chosen for Healing. All the animals are treasures to humanity. Cat is Whiskies, beautiful boy, however sometimes he seems to connect to an aggressive energy and witll attack at random, this includes claws, and can be most hurtful. Tiki Tyson Pommeranian is the body guard, think Kevin Costner on a good day, however, he struggles to feel secure around stranger dogs due to being attacked while on leash as puppy. Maxi is the mini spoodle, and was a rescue dog. he is simply love love love in the most joyous way, however he will mark in the house daily due to some deep seated insecurity, and will bark bark bark at the many distractions of surburbian life. None of these is life threatening, however, my animal friends always give me the unconditional love, acceptance and gratitude that I require, with out me having to be, or do anything. I am so blessed. As they would be so deeply grateful to receive healing from the Divine, they spend many hours with me in front of the chanting channel and I am full of grace as they support me in so many ways. I chant to serve, as do they. Love You Love You Love You, Tytyty. Many Blessings. Larissa

  10. Dear Master Robyn, I love you! We have two little pups Bundy and Tux who have very different personalities and issues. I will put the request out for Tux at this time though. Tux is our little cavoodle who is always happy and acting like a young pup despite being 11years of age and his health conditions. He has been diagnosed with a grade 5 heart murmur (hole in the heart) about a year to two years ago and has to have two types of medication twice a day to help him function. He also has anal gland issues which irritate him often and need to be treated to and an ongoing chronic ear inflammation which he needs ear medication for and regular vet appointments. Despite this and being classified as being in a stage of palative care he has outlived the vets diagnoses, has many treasures and on the last vet visit for his heart check up the vet said 'I don't know what you're doing but keep doing it'. He is a joy to have in the family and is just a little ball of unconditional love to everyone, I know he'd love to serve more and continue on his soul journey the best and healthiest he can be. love you, thank you from me and Tux

  11. Dear Master Robyn, Mookie and May, We have tried to submit a request, on your blog for the Special Blessing, for the sweet and gentle stray cat, Okuro, who is in the Almere Animal Shelter. He is longing to be adopted by a kind and responsible person or family that will love and care for him. Because he is large, black and modest, his chances for adoption seem less than other cats. Would you please be so kind to consider him for this blessing.
    Thank you so much, We are the Kamalani Cats

  12. Dear Master Robyn,
    Request the divine soul mind body transplant for Danny,my beloved spaniel,12yrs old,just diagnosed with a. Malignant tumour near his adrenal gland, and a cyst.
    Email id-

  13. Dear Master Robyn, are you giving remote healing? My cat is about 5 years old, and now has fecal incontinence. we have to keep her out of the house and I feel really sad that we had to do this. It just became very hard to manage things, doing the frequent cleaning of the house and the cat, plus the smell is too much inside that it has created some ill-temper for some of family members. any suggestions pls or could you or anyone do distant healing for her? i also really wanna know the deep meaning of her condition. She started being constipated.growls with pain. Long ago in her youth she got ran over by our car at the hip area and luckily survived. Thanks a lot for your attention.