Thursday, 10 October 2013

May- the dog offers her insight on 'Unconditional Love'

May shared with me a long time ago that 'Unconditional Love' is truly simple. I actually love doing soul communication with May as well as other animals because all of them have so much wisdom and insights to offer. May has taught me so much, she lives in the moment enjoying the present, her heart is still open to the beauty of nature, she has wonderment in her soul and she truly loves to serve.

So here is May's message for all of you on unconditional love. 

If May's words touch your heart and souls do leave her a message and she will be most happy to connect with you.  


  1. Dear Master Robyn, dearest May, thank you for offering this flow / teaching! It deeply touched my heart and soul. To receive a teaching from an animal has for me a very special quality. And what a deep wisdom was shared! It is such a deep honor to be able to share flows from beloved pets, this I realized even more after watching. I would so love to hear more from May, thank you dear May, love you, really love you!

  2. Thank you May for your beautiful message. I am aware that animals are great teachers for us humans about unconditional love and my own 2 puppies Ramesh and Pippy are great examples to me, they keep me grounded and centred and my heart open. They are also grateful to have Master Sha in their lives, especially earlier this week when they managed to get out on to the busy road in front of our house when there were lots of cars around, but they have Divine Protection Packages and the cars slowed for them and they were unharmed. There are no words to describe my gratitude to the Divine and Master Sha that they are still here with me. Love you May..Love you Master Robyn