Thursday, 17 October 2013

Boost Your Energy, Stamina, Vitality and Immunity!

This week I started my workshop series "Boost Your Energy, Stamina, Immunity and Vitality". The love, light and power that poured from the soul world during our chanting practices was amazing. Why is it important to boost our energy, stamina, vitality and immunity?  To achieve anything in the physical world you require energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity. When Qi flows through the body freely without blockages, blood flows through the body and all is in relative balance.

When Qi is blocked, blood stagnates, creating energy and matter blockages Shifting energy and matter blockages makes us effortlessly creative, well-balanced, harmonized happy individuals. When the body and mind feel energized we are better human beings, friends, family members, partners, parents and more. Boosting your energy, stamina and vitality will change your perspective of life and make you feel fresh and well-balanced bringing deep harmony around you. Your vibrant and radiant being creates happiness around you, your relationships are deeply impacted and affected.

Being stress and anxiety free allows your heart and mind to feel freedom and a deep sense of relief. Having energy and stamina allows you to alter your mood, to keep you focused, to help you be a more compassionate, kind and loving individual and this is true not only for human beings but for our animal friends as well. 

This week has been a very purifying week for my beloved dog - May. She has been low in energy and this has had a direct impact on her happiness. I always say May and I are ONE. What i feel she feels, what she feels i feel! So i have felt her lack of energy and general grumpiness, i have felt her will to elevate herself from this state of being. This has given me a deep insight on how being well balanced and grounded with good energy levels impacts our daily life immediately. 

We do not realize that just by improving our energy, stamina, vitality and immunity we can feel different, fresh, happy, full of love and light- we can bring greater Love Peace and Harmony into the world. We attract success, happiness and prosperity.

For each one of you, my beloved readers i share a small glimpse of the amazingly powerful workshop we had this wednesday evening. Receive the love and nourishment from the Soul World through my Tao Song. I am honored and delighted to serve you and your beautiful animal friends. Do not forget your beloved pets while viewing the video, call them into the room, as my soul is eager to serve them.

You have the POWER to balance and harmonize yourself! Join me for parts 2 and 3 of this series, be with me in person or Live via teleconference. Gift yourself this sacred 1.5 hours of chanting and practice.

This homework for this week is to commit to doing 15 mins of Lower Dan Tian practice. So lets get started immediately. 

I love you all! 

Your humble servant Master Robyn 

PS: For registration Call Deborah 416 221 939 or Ursula 0405 275 128.


  1. Dear Beloved Master robyn --- what a beautiful Blog you have and am SO excited for you for ALL animals and all humanity. This is an incredible service being offered by you. Sincere appreciation and Gratitude from bottom of my opening heart :-)

    1. To all that was able to partake in this powerful workshop -- we were really blessed. To anyone that unfortunately missed the first one --- make sure you are able to be at the next two. they are amazing and these are just the BEST for all that may be new or wanting to experience (to taste the pear) of the power of the soul.............Of the Power of your OWN soul. Much love and look forward to seeing everyone (old and new) at the event.. <3

  2. Dear Master Robyn, TY so much for your powerful, loving Tao Song. I asked for blessings for my husband, and two cats, Puma and Panther. While you were singing, all of a sudden, my cats were at the other side of my bedroom door, scratching trying to get in. Normally they are sound asleep at this hour. Amazing power and love. TY Divine, TY Tao, TY the Source, TY Master Sha, TY Master Robyn. <3 <3 <3

  3. Dear Master Robyn,

    thank you for this powerful Tao song blessing and for this beautiful message!

    My whole body is still vibrating. My beloved cat was at first soundly asleep in front of my Laptop ( her usual place ). During the Tao song blessing she got up and started to clean herself ( she has some challenges with keeping herself clean ). Wow! I am so grateful!

    Thank you so much Master Robyn, thank you Master Sha, thank you the Divine, thank you the Tao, thank you the Source!

    With much love from Germany!