Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Divine Healing Hands blessing for you and your beloved pets.

Dear beloved friends,
May and I are honoured to be with you.
It is a very exciting time in the lead up to our Global Divine Healing Hands workshop that will be held in 26 Cities around the World on April 11-13.
Experience the power of Divine Healing Hands for you and your pets right now!.
Is your heart calling you to become a powerful Divine Healer to serve in a very special way?
Learn how you can offer Divine Healing to your pets, family members and more.It is such a great honour to serve and relieve the suffering on Mother Earth. I am always truly amazed by the power of Divine Healing Hands. This is God's hands serving you with Divine frequency and vibration. The Divine is offering the healing. Experience Divine Healing Hands today. There has not been a time before that such powerful treasures were being offered to the chosen ones.
Take this opportunity to join us during this very special and profound workshop coming up very soon. Learn the latest wisdom and soul secrets directly from Master Sha and his World Wide Representatives all over the World.
Learn how you can become a powerful Divine Healer.
Be part of this Global movement!. We need many Divine Healers at this time on Mother Earth to help relieve the suffering.
Please enjoy this video.
We send you our greatest love
Master Robyn and May

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