Friday, 11 April 2014

Global Divine Healing Hands Workshop Sydney Day 1

Dear friends,
May and I send you our greatest love.
Today we began our Global Divine Healing Hands workshop in Sydney.
This was truly a sacred and very special day for those who joined. It is not too late to join this profound event in 26 Cities around the World.
Day 1 is always a very special day for our Divine Healing Hands family. It is such an honour and priviledge to rceive God's hands and to be in the Divine, Tao and Source frequency and vibration for 3 days. Learn the latest teachings, wisdom and practices from Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha and his World Wide Representatives April 11-13.
Learn about our students experiences today. Does your heart and soul feel a yearning to help relieve the suffering for humanity, our animals and nature at this time?
This is the Workshop for you. Receive Divine healing power so you can serve in the highest capacity. Our gretaest love from Sydney Australia,
our greatest love Master Robyn and May to you and your beloved pets.

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