Monday, 24 March 2014

Lachie Experiences A Soul Healing Miracle!

Today, I am very happy to share with you a beautiful soul healing miracle story about Lachie the dog. This story once again shows me how quickly animals respond to soul healing.

Lachie is a 10 year old dog who was rescued by his most recent owner from an animal shelter almost 2 years ago. He is a very gentle and loving soul. Lachie suddenly developed a cough that he had experienced for over a week. His owner said that he had never had a cough before and it was very unusual for a cough to come on suddenly. I did a soul reading on Lachie and received the message that the root cause of his cough was soul mind body blockages in his lungs. The energy, or Qi, life force was not flowing freely because of the soul mind body blockages in that area. The soul is the spiritual aspect of his condition in his lungs, the negative karma. The mind is the consciousness of the lungs. The body is the energy and tiny matter of the lungs. Everything is made up of soul mind and body. Whenever there is illness or imbalance in the body, this is caused by soul mind body blockages in particular areas in our bodies or our beloved pet’s bodies.

I offered Lachie a Soul healing session to transform the soul mind body blockages of his lungs and to balance his 5 elements.

For us and our pet to be healthy, our 5 elements must also be balanced. The 5 elements is one of the Universal Laws. Everything is made up of 5 elements. Five elements is one of the most important theories and practices in Traditional Chinese medicine. It uses the 5 elements of nature- these are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Systems, organs, cells and emotions can be categorized into the 5 elements. The lungs are connected with the Metal element. If one element is out of balance in the body then the other elements will also be influenced by the imbalance. He was truly blessed by the Divine on this day as so much love, forgiveness, compassion and light came to remove the soul mind body blockages in his lungs. It is the Divine that is offering the healing blessing, it is the Divine frequency and vibration that is removing the soul, mind body blockages during soul healing and therefore transforming the frequency and vibration of the area that is receiving the healing blessing. This soul healing session took around 20 mins. After the healing blessings I tuned into his body once again and the energy was flowing much more freely in the lungs.

The Divine offered Lachie a Divine love soul mind body transplant, a permanent treasure downloaded to his soul to assist his healing process.

I then received a message to offer Lachie and his Mother a Divine soul mind body transplant of Divine love to assist his healing process. As a World Representative of Dr and Master Sha I have been given the authority to offer soul mind body transplants of Divine love. This is a profoundly powerful permanent treasure that is downloaded to your soul. It brings the Divine frequency and vibration of Love to continue to offer healing and to transform the messages in the body. I taught his Mother a very powerful soul healing technique called soul tapping that would continue to clear Lachie's lungs. I recommended she does this tapping daily for Lachie to keep his lungs healthy.

I was very happy to hear today that after 24 hours Lachie was once again filled with life and back to his energetic self. He has not had a cough since the day he received his soul healing blessings.
Thank you Master Sha, thank you Heaven. We are so grateful for this soul healing miracle.

Congratulations Lachie. We love you! It is always my greatest honour to serve your pets and our animals.

In the 2000 year old Yellow Emperor’s Cannon classic text states- “The best Doctor is the one who prevents illness. not the one who treats it!”

Prevention is the key for health and happiness. 

I encourage everyone to have a reading on their beloved pet before the illness develops. The soul gets sick first and then the mind and body follow. As a World Wide Representative of Dr and Master Sha I have been given abilities to serve your pets by offering a soul reading. I can then determine your pet’s health and offer guidance for you.

I look forward to serving you more.

Our greatest love
Master Robyn and May.

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  1. Wow, I am so happy and grateful for the Blessings Lachie received!

    Prevention truly is the key for health as I received a lesson about myself. And we are extremly honored and blessed to have such a wonderful caring and loving Divine Channel with us with a huge heart for our pets!

    If you have a pet really consider the possibility to receive Soul guidance from Master Robyn. I understood very deeply that this a really great opportuntiy to serve and assist our beautiful pets and animal friends. And I for sure also received surprising News from my beloved cat.

    I am extremly grateful for Master Robyn`s wonderful Service.

    My pets and I are extremly grateful!

    Sending you all my love from Germany!