Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Heal you and your pet's kidneys and transform fear to calmness.

Dear beloved friends,
May and I send you our greatest love.
It is always an honour to be with you and your pets.
There are many animals and people at this time who have weakness and imbalance in their kidney energy. The kidneys are connected to the water element, when the water element is not balanced you and your pets may experience the unbalanced emotion of fear. During this video learn how to boost the power of you and your pet's kidneys and transform the emotion of fear to calmness. Many of our beloved pet's are experiencing fear at this time due to the upheaval and dramatic changes that are taking place on Mother Earth during this period of transition.
Practices using the 4 power techniques, Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha's foundational teachings can bring great healing and transformation much faster than you thought was possible.
Join our practice today and receive a soul healing blessing for you and your beloved pet's kidneys.
Our pet's serve us unconditionally every day.Did you know that when you are feeling fear and unbalanced emotionally, this is also affecting your beloved pet? This video is a gift for both you and your pet to experience peace and calmness. It is so important to take the time to heal and rejuvenate and balance your emotions to remain healthy and happy.
May and I would love to hear your experiences with this practice.
We send you our greatest love and wish you a blessed day!
Master Robyn and May

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  1. Thank you Dear Master Robyn, Pheonix the cat has been sitting listening to this healing video. He was looking a little under the weather, and his eyes were a little weepy. He knows when I am packing to travel and he does not like it. I did not stay and listen as I was packing, but, the twinge in my lower back has gone as well now. Pheonix is now sleeping peacefully. And, I am feeling more peaceful as well. Thank you again for the love and service that you offer to our beloved pets(our furry babies/members of our family). Love you Master Robyn. To others reading this post; try it, play it for your beloved animals, it could really make a difference to the quality of life for your animal friends. Bless you all. Christine/Brisbane/Australia