Friday, 19 September 2014

Join Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha to celebrate World Peace Day Sept 21

Dear Friends and your pets,
May and I are so excited to invite you to join the amazing events to celebrate World Peace Day on Sept 21.
This is going to be a very special time for us to join together to hold World Peace in our hearts.
Join us at Bondi Beach for the celebrations at the Sydney Peace Day Festival 10am-8pm. Then come and be with us on the chanting channel at 9pm to chant for World Love Peace and Harmony for all creatures great and small. You can also join in person.
Call Deb for more details 0416221939
Grab the incredible opportunity to join beloved Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha, powerful soul leader and miracle healer. Master Sha is in Hawaii and we have the opportunity to join live via webcast. Be part of the Global meditation for Love, Peace and Harmony and the Peace concert from Hawaii. How exciting! Invite your friends, family, loved ones and pets to participate in this powerful time.
This is going to be beyond comprehension. Master Sha is so generous, any moment with Master Sha is the greatest honour. You will receive so much love and blessings from Master Sha to transform every aspect of your life. These evnts and FREE! Register at
This is going to be a very transforming, enlightening and heart touching time as we move towards Universal Oneness....
Be part of this time to bring World Love Peace and Harmony

May and I offer our greatest love to you all
We look forward to joining with you to bring the peace that all souls desire at this time......
Master Robyn and May

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