Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Experience this powerful Ling Guang blessing for you and your pets from Master Maya

Dear Ones and your beloved pets,

We welcome you with all of our hearts.

Today I am honoured to introduce you to Master Maya Mackie who is an amazingly powerful teacher and healer.
Master Maya is one of Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha's top Divine Channels, her service to humanity and all souls, including our beloved animals is beyond comprehension.

Please enjoy this powerful Ling Guang blessing to bless you and your pet's soul journey.
Stay connected to Master Maya's blog to purify you and your pet's soul heart mind and body.
We are so blessed to be able to connect with Master Maya this way.

My Soul Healing Miracle Journey for Purifying Soul Heart Mind and Body: Soul Light Blessing For Your Soul Journey.: The Physical Life is to serve our Soul Journey. The Soul Journey is Eternal. They are One. The Soul Light Era began on August 8t...

Our greatest love
Master Robyn and May

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