Tuesday, 2 September 2014

DAY 4 of the 30 Day Journey to Oneness with Master Robyn and May

Dear Ones and your beloved pets,
we welcome you with all of our hearts.
This is a very exciting journey that we are on at this time.
It is a journey that our souls have been seeking for many lifetimes. We are so grateful to Master Sha for sharing this wisdom to humanity and all souls so we can join together as One and experience Love, Peace and Harmony.....this is our souls greatest desire and our beloved pets greatest desire....all souls are yearning for this connection once again to the Source........
Join us for Day 4 to experience the profound healing and blessing power of the Tao Normal Creation and Tao Reverse Creation Cycle together. You can apply this truth to every aspect of your life. You will learn more as we progress on this journey together step by step.........
Experience the love, forgiveness, compassion and light from the Source. from Heaven, Mother Earth and Countless planets , stars, galaxies and all Universes to transform every aspect of you and your pets life......as we join hearts and souls together and chant together.

May and I send our greatest love to you. We thank you for joining us on this amazing journey.
Please share your experiences with us.
Master Robyn and May

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