Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Mausi is blessed by the Divine!

It is such an honour to work with our beautiful animals.......

I am so delighted to introduce all of you to Mausi - the cat chosen by the Divine to receive a very special powerful blessing this week, as a part of the contest being HELD right here on my blog!

Mausi has been suffering with digestive system issues for quite awhile now. The root cause of all illness is soul, mind, body blockages. Soul blockages are the spiritual blockage or negative karma connected with the condition. Mind blockages are negative mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, attachment and ego connected with this condition. Body blockages are the energy and matter blockages.

During the blessing the soul mind body blockages in Mausi's digestive system were removed.  She received a brand new karma- free Divine Soul, Mind (consciousness) and Body (energy and tiny matter) for her digestive system. The existing digestive system that had been damaged due to blockages created by unpleasant karma (in previous lifetimes) was returned to heaven. As per a divine soul reading from Mausi's Akashic Record this karma would have affected Mausi for another 56 lifetimes. She is truly blessed! Thank you Master Sha, thank you Divine for your generosity and forgiveness to beloved Mausi. Now it is up to Mausi, her Mum (Nina Kaiser) and all of us to chant for Mausi. How? We simply request the Divine treasures to turn on and chant. The treasure is like a golden light ball in Mausi's digestive system that spins to transform and bring healing to that area.

I call all of you to join me on my show "Chant for pets, all animals, their environments and all nature" on Dr. and Master Sha's Soul Healing Miracles Chanting Channel, monday- friday (10 pm AEST) to chant for Mausi. All this week we will have a special focus on Mausi, along with chanting for all animal souls and their environments.

How exciting that we can serve beloved Mausi in this way.  I look forward to hearing about Mausi's healing journey in the upcoming weeks. My greatest love to Mausi and all our animal friends
This is the first week of blessings for our beloved animal souls. I am deeply honoured that the Divine has given me the authority as a Divine channel to serve  in this way. If you would like your beloved pets to receive blessings just like Mausi did, please subscribe to my blog and send me the details of your pet as a comment underneath this blog.

Here is a letter from Nina Kaiser (mausi's mother / owner)

Dear Master Robyn, I am so, so happy and grateful! Mausi and I are so, so blessed, we cannot thank you, Master Sha, the Divine ever enough!

When I look at her soul now she looks much, much more bright. I chanted a lot today for Mausi with her new great treasures. Her old digestive system soul was very, very small, very dark and damaged looking, right down to the cellular level. Now there is such a beautiful bright golden soul inside her abdomen! Immediately with the chanting the repairing started on all levels, very, very powerful!

I cannot even start to express my gratitude, I know that time was crucial for Mausi to continue her soul`s journey on Mother Earth.

We are so endless grateful, sending all my love to you, May and Mookie! With deepest gratitude Nina


  1. Congratulations beloved Mausi,
    you are very blessed and i am so happy for your Healing!!!

    Much LOVE to Divine, Tao and the Source
    and to beloved Master Robyn and sweet May

    YES , Rosi, my dog would love to recieve Healing for her
    Eyes, blindness or her Cysts in her breats, what ever is appropiate
    for her at this time, thank you CBD CBD CBD

    LOVE you, ChristineLangnickel@yahoo.de

  2. Dear Master Robin, I would be very delighted if the Divine chooses my (already transitioned) dog Coco for a blessing. After our divorce, we had to give her away - this was very hard for me and my children. She died of cancer. I don´t know, if she is incarnated again (perhaps as a human being now)? I loved her very much. I hope, she is ok. Thank you. Please write to :

  3. Dear Master Robyn,

    Mausi and I are so incredibly blessed and grateful! She was suffering now for about one year. Especially the last few months have been challenging for her - she was loosing weight constantly, had days without being able to eat at all, almost constant diarrhea.

    Starting this Sunday she was having "bad days" again and even wouldn`t eat her special high caloric nutritients and her usually very much loved pet liver sausage.

    After receiving the Divine Services she started to eat yesterday again and her diarrhea is also much better.
    I know that these huge services at this time have been very, very important for her physical life`s journey but also for her soul`s journey.

    I cannot start to express how very grateful I am!!

    Also we are very, very grateful and appreciative for all the souls supporting Mausi`s healing journey with your chanting!
    Always when I am chanting for Mausi I can see the new treasure repairing the damage done to her Digestive System.

    I wish for all pet owners with sick pets to be able to be also blessed so abundantly in this special way, we are so blessed by Master Robyn`s service!

    Of course I will keep you updated on Mausi`s process.

    Thank you Master Robyn, thank you Master Sha, thank you the Divine, thank you the Tao, thank you all layers of Heaven!

    Sending all my love to you all!

  4. Dear Master Robyn,

    dear all,

    I am delighted and honored to share an update on Mausi`s progress with you.

    So far I am very, very relieved and happy that she at the moment is keeping her weight, so no more weight loss so far. She is eating finally "normally" again, and on a regular basis. She still has some challenges with her digestion - diarrhea - but her over all wellbeing has changed a lot! Finally I can start to see my "old" Mausi again - she is more awake now, doesn`t sleep as much, is much more perceiptive to her environment again.

    I will continue to chant for her. And I am extremly grateful to all that assisted in chanting for Mausi!

    Thank you all for your service, thank you Master Robyn, I will keep you all updated!