Saturday, 28 December 2013

Healing The Relationship Between May (my dog) and Mookie (my new cat)

I am very excited to share this beautiful Soul Healing Miracle with all of you today. This is the story of my dog May and my new cat Mookie and the great transformation in their relationship. It began the day we went to pick up Mookie to make him a part of our home and family. On 16 November right after I returned to Australia from the US (after attending the Tao I-IV retreat) May and I went to pick up a beautiful cat named Mookie. 

Now,  Mookie is a loving boy and May had grown up with my beloved cat Uma (who I lost last year) so I was confident that this relationship would be a super success. Mookie, of course was a bit lost and confused for the first few days because he had suddenly moved homes and family, also he wasn't used to sharing his home with a dog. So it is understandable that Mookie was going through his own emotions. 

At the same time May who was used playing with cats wanted to play with Mookie all the time. May loved Uma. They played together all the time, in fact Uma taught May many things and helped heal her when I adopted May from the pound. So on the one hand May was over- excited and wanted to play, while on the other Mookie was still adjusting to his new surroundings and he wasn't very friendly to May. In fact he was very unpleasant on a few occasions and this is when I decided to step in and help heal their relationship. Watch the video for the rest of the story 

This is Mookie & May's Soul Healing Miracle Story. Do leave your comments for Mookie and May as they would love to hear from you.

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  1. Dear Master Robyn,

    I was delighted to read and hear about the wonderful new friend in your home! Mookie is a very beautiful cat! It is really great to listen to the fast progress in the relationship between Mookie and May. When my second cat, Mausi, joined our household there was quite some trouble. As she is a very timid soul she was really desperate about her change of homes. And the first cat, Chica, didn`t start to friendly on the "intruder" either. It took some time with DHH soul healing blessings to heal their relationship. And I have learned that the progress is still ongoing.
    To use the Ling Guang Calligraphy to bless their relationship is a great idea, I definitly will try it!

    Thank you so much Master Robyn for sharing your teaching with us!

    May Mookie and May continue to progress on their soul healing journey!

    Sending you all love and light from Germany