Friday, 20 December 2013

Soul Healing Miracle Practice for Healing FEAR AGGRESSION in Animal

My dear dog May suffers from the condition of Fear Aggression and for many years I have tried to understand her behavior and what makes her so aggressive. Understanding that May was abused and treated violently before she escaped and I found her at the dog pound helped me feel deep compassion for her, but it didn't help me heal her. What has helped over the years is soul healing practices, good exercise and unconditional love. 

I share this video of how we can help heal fear aggression in our animal friends with simple and easy Soul Healing techniques and practices. 

My deepest desire is that you will use this for your pet and your beloved animal friend will benefit as much as May has. 

 May and I look forward to hearing from you! Do leave us a line and we will see you soon next time.

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