Thursday, 5 December 2013

Conversations with May : May's Soul Communication About Receiving Personal Karma Cleansing

May and I are delighted to be with each of you today. As promised in my last blog here is a soul communication from May about her experience of receiving personal karma cleansing and how truly defining this service has been for her soul journey as well as her physical journey. 

Do leave may a message she loves hearing from you and we will both see you next time. 


  1. Dear Master Robyn,
    Dear Beloved May,
    Thank you for this beautiful and heartfelt sharing. Much love to you both, Master Elaine

  2. Dearest Master Robyn,
    beloved May,
    i am deeply moved from this most beautiful video and sharing
    soo much LOVE and Light coming from you both , most precious Souls
    I love you very much, CBD CBD CBD
    My beloved Rosi also recieved personal KC and is also very happy
    she experiences deep peace within and a deep let go .....of neg. memorys...and more....

    Our beloved animal friends need our love and compassion also
    lets honor them deeply for being with us and giving us so much LOVE

    Christine and Rosi , with love

  3. Dear Master Robyn,
    dear sweet May,
    I am touched by watching this beautiful video. I give love to you.
    I also live together with a beautiful cute dog, and she is giving me much love day by day.
    Much love from Premdipa and Mila

  4. Dear Master Robyn and Sweetest May,

    Thank you for sharing your insight and heartfelt messages to all of us.

    Whenever i see the both of you together, it brings joy and happiness to my heart because i can see the love that radiates from you both. TY TY TY

    Love Always,