Sunday, 28 December 2014

Expand and develop you and your pets heart and heart chakra with Master Robyn and May

Dear Ones and your beloved pets,
We are so happy today to invite you to join our radio show to receive blessings for you and your pet's heart and heart chakra(also known as the message centre.)
Imbalances of the physical heart chakra and heart chakra can cause a number of heart related issues and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, guilt, unworthiness, lack of self love and more.....
Many mental disorders are also connected with the heart because the heart houses the mind and soul.
To heal mental disorders please pay great attention to healing the heart.
Enjoy this very special practice today for you and your pet's from Master Sha's latest book, Soul Mind Body Science System. We will do the Ba Gua practice for the heart and related conditions...
Please enjoy this session..
Receive a soul openation for you and your pet's heart and heart chakra.
May and I send our greatest love to you and your pets
We are honoured to serve you
Master Robyn and May
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