Monday, 2 February 2015

Day 13 0f 30 Days to Oneness with Master Robyn and May- Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Dear Ones and your beloved pets,
May and I love you with all of our hearts.
After an incredible 3 weeks in Orilia, Canada with beloved Master Sha I am very happy to be back in the warmth of Sydney, Australia with my beloved dog May.
Today I look forward to continuing our journey to Oneness with each of you.
Let us make 2015 a year of greatest Oneness for ourselves and our pets.
Today enjoy this session of chanting the Tao Jing all the way through. For those of you who have learnt this powerful Tao text with May and I, I congratulate each of you!
For those of you who are still learning, I encourage each of you to continue practicing and persisting until you can chant this on your own every day. This will bring great gifts to you , your family and your pets......beyond your comprehension.
Today during our session also receive a special blessing for you to learn the Tao Jing as quickly as possible.....

Let us continue to walk the path of Oneness together with our beloved animal friends
Have a beautiful blessed day
We look forward to being with you again soon
Our greatest love
Master Robyn and May

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