Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Boost you and your pet's kundalina power to bless your life with Master Robyn and May

Dear beloved friends and your pet's,
We love you all.
We are honoured to invite you to join our radio show today to boost you and your pet's kundalini power.
The kundalini area can be found by drawing a line from your navel to your back, then going in one third of the width of this line(from your back) and go down approximately 2.5 inches. This is the location of the kundalini area. This is also vital to build our life force.
This is most important to nourish your kidneys, brain and 3rd eye.
By building the power of this area you strengthen your kidney's, can balance blood pressure, help diabetes, assist concentration, boost energy and more........
Join us to receive the blessings and learn and experience a powerful daily practice you can do with your beloved pet.....
Let us join hearts and souls together to heal, rejuvenate and transform....
May and I offer you our greatest love
We thank you for joining us today.
We love forward to serving you again soon.

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