Sunday, 12 January 2014

Keep Your Pets Happy Healthy and Content When You Leave On Holidays

Today, I am sharing a very powerful and important secret of how to keep your beloved pets and animal friends happy, healthy, content and comfortable when you are leaving them to go for a holiday. I have been doing this for many years with my dog May and have noticed a considerable difference in her since I began using these simple but effective techniques - soul communication, soul conferencing and blessings. 

May has become calmer and contented since my soul conferences with her and no longer seems upset or sad when I am leaving to go out of the country. Also the ladies who take care of her at the Small Paws Pet Motel have mentioned how she is happier, relaxed and her stays have become more peaceful there.

I was guided by heaven to share these with you as many of you may be leaving your beloved pets for a few weeks soon as well. Watch my video and practice with me, at the end of the video I have offered a my Tao Song to serve you and your furry friend. My next video blog will be a soul communication from May to help you understand how she has benefited ever since we began doing these practices.

Try these easy to do yet extremely effective practices and do let me know how these have benefitted you and your beloved pets! See you next time.

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