Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hello From Orillia & Update On May's Behavioral Changes After Karma Cleansing

I am delighted to connect with everyone from Orillia, Canada. It is absolutely beautiful here, the pure white snow covers everything. The stillness and the purity in the air makes it a perfect place for the high level spiritual training we are receiving with Master Sha at this time. 

As many of you may remember last November my dog May was able to receive personal karma cleansing from Master Sha when I was at the Tao Retreat. I still remember how excited I was and knew in my soul that May was very excited, grateful and deeply honored as well. As promised here is an update of how life has transformed for my beautiful little May. It is amazing when the blockages of karma are cleared, how loving, gentle, compassionate and truly open a soul can be. May has received tremendous benefits from this karma cleansing, she is a totally new dog these days. 

Soon I will post the promised video on opening our spiritual channels to connect with all souls including the souls of our furry friends. For now I send you my deepest love from Orillia! 

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