Friday, 21 August 2015

Meet Gorgeous the African Grey Parrot and Geho today

Dear Ones and your pet's.
May and I are so honoured to introduce to you Geho and her beloved African Grey parrot Gorgeous.
Enjoy their heart touching story today.....
Please see the soul reading for Gorgeous and Geho at the end of their story.
If you would like a soul reading and powerful healing for your pet's condition please see my soul reading and life guidance information.
It is the greatest honour to serve you and your beloved pets......
Please enjoy....

From Geho Gold....
Dear Master Robyn and May.
Gorgeous and I watch your shows on the Chanting Channel all the time. Actually Gorgeous watches the Soul Healing Miracles Chanting Channel all the time!(
Gorgeous is an 11 year old African Grey parrot. She was born on April 4, 2004. She was born here in Florida to a couple of parrots called Adam and Eve in a little home. I received her when she was just a few weeks old and hand fed her and raised her. She thinks I am her mother or her mate -- I am not sure which. But I have seen with my third eye many lifetimes together where we have flown together and lived together as birds. Gorgeous speaks about 200 words. Most African Greys speak about 2000 to 5000 words as African Greys are the best talking birds in the world but since I am a meditator  and spend most of my time I am chanting or in silent meditation, I do not use many words at home. One of Gorgeous's favourite lines is "I love you so much!"
African Grey parrot's are said to have a mentality of a 2 year old but Gorgeous is far wiser than a 2 year old. Gorgeous loves Master Sha and Divine Soul Songs, her favourites being God's light and Shining Soul Light. 
When Gorgeous was 4 months old I went to Hawaii for a retreat and broke my hip, when I returned in a wheelchair Gorgeous was distraught, I believe that she knew when the accident happened in Hawaii. Ever since that time she has picked her feathers especially around her neck and she cannot bring back a full set of feathers. I offer Divine Healing Hands blessings to her but this condition continues. I would love to get a reading on her feather picking and our past lives together.
Gorgeous is a very special soul
She is an amazing friend, she is my best friend
-Geho Gold
Thank you so much Geho and Gorgeous for this beautiful story
I will now do a Soul Reading for you on her condition.....
Soul reading for Gorgeous condition of feather picking
Our dear beloved Gorgeous is a very special soul who has come to Mother Earth at this time to learn her lessons. She is very blessed to be with our dearest daughter Geho who cares so well for her and loves her dearly. Geho and Gorgeous have had a number of lifetimes together as birds and as human beings, Gorgeous has been in the human realm before but due to mistakes in past lives has returned to the animal kingdom. There is a lifetime that Geho and Gorgeous had together living as husband and wife when Gorgeous in that lifetime was Geho's husband. In that lifetime Geho was involved in a tragic accident that ended her life suddenly and the feather picking is closely related to this lifetime around fear and anxiety of losing Geho once again. there are some remaining blockages connected with anxiety in the heart that need to be cleared for this condition to improve fully. When Geho broke her hip this activated the negative memory from that lifetime.
Geho and Gorgeous have had many lifetimes together loving and supporting each other. In this lifetime Gorgeous is very blessed to have received special blessings from Dr and Master Sha to accelerate her soul journey. Gorgeous is most grateful for her love and support in this lifetime.
As Gorgeous chants she is serving and bringing the light and love, her soul has a great desire to progress in this lifetime so that she can return to the human realm. She is most loved and blessed. Hao Thank you Divine

I am very honoured to offer Gorgeous very special soul healing blessings to help her heal this condition of feather picking.
I look forward to hearing the updates on Gorgeous's progress
We thank Geho and Gorgeous for sharing their story with us.
May and I send our greatest love to each of you and your beloved pets.
We look forward to getting to know your pets much more........
How blessed we are to have our beautiful animals in our lives...


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