Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Day 17 0f 30 Days to Oneness with Master Robyn and May

Dear beloved Ones and your pets,
I am very excited today as we take one more step with our pets on our 30 Day journey to Oneness.
I congratulate each of you are learning the Immortal Tao Classic, this will truly bless every aspect of your life and your pets life.
Today we continue to learn this most profound gift to humanity and all souls.....
Today we learn lines 37-56. These lines carry Tao frequency and vibration to bless you and your pets beyond your comprehension. As we chant these lines over and over again we are healing, rejuvenating and transforming our souls, hearts, minds and bodies and our pets receive the blessings too. We are clearing the blockages as we move towards Universal Oneness, as we align with the Tao.
Take this opportunity to learn the Immortal Tao Classic. You can do it!
Enjoy this special session today.

Our greatest love
Master Robyn and May

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