Monday, 20 October 2014

Day 7 of 30 Days to Oneness with Master Robyn and May-Zhi Gang Sha

Dear Ones,
We welcome you and your beloved pets to join us on this magical journey of Oneness.
Today is Day 7of our journey.
I am excited today to share the first lines of the Divine Tao text, the Tao Jing that Master Sha flowed from the Tao.
This text brings incredible Oneness wisdom, teachings and carries the Tao frequency and vibration.
Experience the power of these profound mantras, every line is a beautiful gift to humanity, the animals and all souls. I encourage each of you to learn the Tao Jing to bless every aspect of you and your pets lives.
Today learn more Oneness wisdom and receive the blessings, healing and rejuvenation for you and your beloved pets.
I have always loved the Tao teachings from Master Sha and find the Tao retreats are life changing and transforming events, my soul cannot wait to be with Master Sha very soon......
I invite each of you with all of my heart to join Master Sha's upcoming Tao retreats that begin on Nov 11th in Sedona, Arizona.
You can join in person or via webcast. May has been on many webcasts and is also rejuvenated with the teachings and amazing love and light.
Find out more

Enjoy this very special time with the Tao to bless all life!
Our greatest love Master Robyn and May

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