Friday, 11 July 2014

Experience Master Sha's latest Tao teachings in Melbourne and via webcast.

Dear Ones and beloved pet's,
This has been such an amazing time with beloved Master Sha in Australia!
You have the opportunity to join Master Sha to receive the latest Tao wisdom, teachings and powerful blessings via webcast and teleconference. Grab this opportunity to be with Master Sha....every moment in the presence of beloved Master Sha is the greatest gift and blessing for your soul, your beloved pet's soul and your family members soul's.
The wisdom that Master Sha has been sharing in Australia is truly priceless and life transforming. Come and join us, experience the Tao teachings, wisdom, practices and much more.......let us join hearts and souls together to move towards Universal Oneness.....
Register your pets, loved ones and family members right now!
We are truly loved and blessed...
Our deepest love
Master Robyn and May.

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