Friday, 23 May 2014

Heal and rejuvenate you and your pet's hearts.

Dear Friends,
May and I are honoured to be with you and to serve you and your beloved pets.
The heart is the boss of all the organs in the body so it is important our hearts are healthy and functioning well.
Our beloved pet's can suffer from many of the illnesses and ailments that humans experience.
The heart is the major yin organ that is connected to the fire element in the body. If our heart and fire element are balanced and healthy normal conditions such as a healthy heart beat, good circulation and good qi flow result.
The ancient teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine states that the heart houses the mind and the soul. The heart connects with the souls activities, consciousness and thinking. If the heart is healthy, we and our beloved pet's have a positive and energetic outlook. The health of the heart is also connected with the sense of taste and the tongue. If the fire element is balanced the emotion you experience will be joy.
Today you will learn a practice to heal and rejuvenate the heart and the fire element. Even if you and your pet's do not have heart issues at this time, this practice will assist you to rejuvenate your heart and assist the general health and well being of you and your pet's and to balance your fire element..
Listen to the video to learn the practice using the 4 power techniques. Receive a very special blessing for you and your pet's hearts.
We look forward to hearing your experiences.
We wish you and your pet's healthy and happy hearts.
Our greatest love
Master Robyn and May.

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